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Designer. Creator. Thinker. 

Tactician. Listener. Doer. 

Excellence Seeker. Idea Factory. 

Visualizer. Problem Solver.


Making all things you, cool.


Living that #agencyofone life.

Living that #agencyofone life.


Seth Dines

Being a designer actually has nothing to do with design, but everything to do about communicating a problem solved.

Fancy, I know. I come humble beginnings, just as most. I grew up in a small rural town in Northern California, whom has recently been dubbed 'The Loneliest Town in America'. However, I moved up and out, and right into the 'Biggest Little City'.

Since then, I've spent time learning and growing in life, and in all the ways really. I've made mistakes and I've had triumphs; all that to say, you've gotta have experience to know how to solve problems. Learning to solve some of life's problems has really influenced my designs, which ultimately comes each problem solved helped on the outlook of life and others. 

So when it comes to designing and working with and for your brand, it comes to designing for other people, to solve their problems. I design for those customers or clients that you'll be serving, while maintaining your uniqueness to the world.

Let's solve some problems together. 





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